Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creative Advertising Photography by David Zaitz

David Zaitz is an advertising, corporate and travel photographer known for his quirky style of people/location imagery. An eternal wise-cracker with a buttoned-down approach, Zaitz enjoys the diverse range of clientele he has built. He’s based in Los Angeles, but travels extensively on assignment which makes driving the 405 freeway much more bearable.

Zaitz’s clients include Doubletree Hotels, Esquire magazine, POM Wonderful, Wells Fargo Bank, Pedigree, Bank of America, Bridgestone Tires, Coca-Cola and Toyota.

Celebrity Portrait Photography by Jeremy and Claire Weiss

Jeremy and Claire Weiss are an American photography team noted for their portraiture and documentary work of musicians, celebrities, and friends. They also have been known to go by the name of their photo studio Day19.

Jeremy Weiss was born in 1974 in Boonton, New Jersey. Claire Weiss was born 1977 in Paget, Bermuda. Jeremy and Claire met in New Jersey and attended New England School of Photography before moving to Los Angeles. They have been shooting together since 1997 and were married May 19, 2002.

Jeremy and Claire's work has appeared in the pages and covers of Nylon, Elle Magazine, Anthem, Swindle Magazine, Fast Company, Paste, as well as advertising campaigns for Nokia, Dell Computers, DirecTV, and Citi. They have also worked for many music labels including Capitol Records and Interscope.

Some of their subjects include David Lynch, Gnarls Barkley, Daryl Hannah, Jimmy Eat World, Jack Black, No Age, Sig Hansen, Jimmie Johnson, Slash, Devin Hester, Dennis Kucinich, Sarah Silverman, Matthew Lieber, David Cross, BARR, Sigur Rós, John Frusciante, Devendra Banhart, and Slayer.